Monday, June 22, 2009

17 Weeks!

Im at week 17 in my pregnancy and guess what? I think I might have a life again!!! Ive actually been able to live out of bed a few times! I went to a movie the other night with one of the other girls here (also expecting and incorporating Hypnobirthing). Then on Saturday I was able to do some laundry and housework AND go out to a dinner and movie with all of Jon's office. Sunday I was fighting a pretty constant headache but still able to function. I feel like life is getting good again! Im tired as ever but able to eat almost normally. Ive actually started craving food, mostly junk food though so Im not sure if thats a good thing or not :) Our little bundle of joy is quickly becoming not so little!
Weighing at about 5 ounces, comparable to the weight of a turnip, he/she measures around 5 inches in length. I cant believe that is inside of me! Any day now, though probably not for another week or two, I'll feel the baby's little kicks. I cant wait!

Im so glad when Daddy comes home!

In light of Father's Day yesterday, I thought it would be appropriate to brag a little bit about the two wonderful fathers in our lives.
My dad has always been an example of hard work. Growing up, he always did whatever it took to support my family. On his days off, he could almost certainly be found in his garden or working his "Honey-Do" list for my mom. Though he's never been perfect, he has worked so hard through the years to be the best father/husband he could be. He has always been an easy shoulder to cry on, offering his well intended advice and most importantly, the Priesthood. He taught me the importance of having that in my own home some day and he set a wonderful standard for what I wanted in a husband. He and Jon get along so well, which is such a blessing. He still calls me his little girl and his hugs still take the worries of life away. I love my dad so much and I am so thankful that Ive had him in my life.
Jon's dad is no less amazing! My husband is an amazing man and he learned so much from his wonderful father. Ive never known Jon's dad to pass up an opportunity to teach us something new. He is an avid story teller and finds so much joy in sharing the wisdom he has picked up through his years. He always has wonderful advice to share and he too, is an example of a worthy Priesthood holder. My father-in-law is always thinking about everyone else. He would love nothing more than to give you the shirt off his own back if you needed it. I look forward to our children being old enough to crawl into grandpa's lap. He is so loving and so kind and is a perfect example of a dad who will never stop being a dad. Even as his 9 children have grown and started their own families, he still offers his help and guidance.
Jon and I love our Fathers. They are both so hard working and so kind. Their greatest joy is seeing us happy in our marriage and our family. Our baby is so lucky to have such great grandparents waiting for him/her. Dads, we want you to know we love you very, very much. And moms, we know our dads would not be the men they are without you. We love you so much as well. Happy Fathers Day!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Missing our Family!

Jon and I are in Michigan for the summer. We're really glad we made this change and came out here but we definitely miss our family back home. Here's a few pictures of our favorite people in the whole world!

My family and some of Rachael's family after baby Aedan's blessing.

I had to put this pic on. Will is the CUTEST kid ever. This is one of my most favorite pictures ever! Thumb in mouth, hand in pants!

This is some (not all) of Jons family at the traditional Christmas present exchange. So much fun! We hope our own family reaches this capacity some day :)

Here are the newest members of the Carlson Clan. Aedan and Lotta are about a week apart in age and are already best buddies. I miss these babies!

Monday, June 15, 2009

16 week mark!

Well we made it to week 16. I say 'we' because Jon has practically carried me through so many of the tough days in the past few months. He's been absolutely amazing through all this! It seems my "bad" days come less frequently and arent as bad. So thats good! Ive included my first bump pic. Franklin has separation issues if you cant tell. In just two weeks we'll get to see our little baby at our ultrasound appointment. I cant wait! It seems most people think we're having a boy but Im still not sure either way. Lets hear it peeps, what do you think it'll be, boy or girl? My sister-in-law is due about a week after we are and I kinda just hope our babies are the same, either way.
We cant wait to get back to AZ. We miss everyone there and we especially miss the food. The weather here is just now starting to warm up into the 80s. No humidity yet, but we hear its coming. Oh and I definitely wont miss the maggots!!! This morning we set our garbage by the front door and when we picked it up, maggots spilled out a hole in the bottom!!! Oh my goodness you better believe I FREAKED out! So gross and our garbage wasn't even that old. Gross, gross, gross!

Friday, June 12, 2009

So its Friday. Im eating my lunch right now- a 6 inch club from Subway. This is the 4th day out of the 5 this week that I have fallen victim to the delicious-ness of that wonderful restaurant. Subway, it turns out, is the only restaurant and the only food even that I have consistently been able to enjoy. Taco Bell was always my favorite before I was pregnant and it is one of the only things I just about can NEVER eat. Blagh! Dont even say Taco Bell to me!
Oh and some exciting news! I scheduled our ultrasound for June 29th to find out the sex of our baby!!!! Just a little over 2 weeks away! I cant wait. I was reading my fitpregnancy magazine last night and found an advertisement for a home test that supposedly can tell you the sex of your baby. Sounded way fake to me. Has anyone ever seen/heard of/used a product like that? This one was called Intelligender. Interesting...

Monday, June 8, 2009

15 weeks and missing food

So I made it to week 15. Our baby is comparatively the size of an apple weighing 2.5 oz and measuring just over 4 inches long. This last week was more depressing than anything. Ive realized how much a MISS FOOD! Before the baby days, I could put food away faster than most guys I know. Jon proudly tells people how "hot" it was the first time he saw me eating a burger and that I was keeping up with him eating his :) Anyway, my appetite has all but disappeared. Im currently in the process of teaching my body how to eat again. Its actually really hard. The first question Jon asks me each morning is "what can I make you for breakfast". He tried to get me to eat at 6:30am yesterday! My always ambitious husband is on a mission to get a fat baby out of me. P.S. I hate that my posts lately might be coming off as me complaining. For the record, I am just fine with all the not-fun things involved with the first months of pregnancy. I plan on doing this many more times and in my mind, there is no bad. Everything leads to that moment when Jon hands me our baby for the first time. How could any sick day over shadow that thought? The more we talk about that day, the better life gets! The hardest part now is not knowing if its a boy or a girl! I dont think I can wait 5 more weeks to find out!!!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Most of you know that Jon and I have chosen to do a natural, in-home childbirth. I wanted to share this book, along with my review, because this is the method we will be using. I'm sure everyone has heard of Lamaze. The huffing and puffing and the "breathe!". Its main focus is teaching you how to deal and cope with pain. The big difference with Hypnobirthing is is to teach you to that childbirth doesn't have to be painful at all. It teaches calm breathing aimed toward the mothers ultimate relaxation. Hypnobirthing picks up where so many birthing techniques, like Lamaze, fall short. It literally teaches you how to take control of your body though deep relaxation and self-hypnosis. The idea is that women, who are majestically engineered to bring babies into this world, can and will experience a pain-free birthing experience because their bodies are so calm and so relaxed. Its been scientifically proven that a main contributor of pain or discomfort is due to mental and physical stress. In addition, the 'fear' emotion releases constrictor hormones which is what causes pain. When a woman is completely relaxed and in control of her emotions and thoughts, endorphins are released and her muscles will be relaxed and left to do what they were created to do, which is of course, giving birth. This book devotes a lot of time explaining why women (and men) get so freaked out about childbirth. Women love to be dramatic. Its what makes us so passionate. The downfall of that though is that we love to share 'horror stories' and we LOVE to elaborate. As a first time momma-to-be, Ive definitely heard my share of "horrific" and "complicated" experiences other women have had. I probably would have been way more freaked, had I not grown up witnessing and assisting natural childbirth. This book literally tells you not to even listen to the stories. The media and the Hollywood rendition of childbirth also aims for the shock factor. But, more often than not, is over-dramatized and highly inaccurate. Again, this book teaches you to not even entertain these stories. Instead, it teaches you to learn from yourself your own natural ability to take control of your body and mind.
Since I have begun reading this book, I have discovered a whole new level of self empowerment and awareness. Just as important, I have developed an actual relationship with the baby growing inside me. I have personally witnessed women giving birth, using the Hypnobirthing method. I can honestly say that this works. In one birth I assisted in, the mom did so well that she didn't even feel the baby moving down. Literally 2 good pushes and the baby was out. My sister-in-law described her birth as pain-free and enjoyable. Also only a few pushes. Many women using this method will describe their experience this way.
This may sound a bit hippie to you, it did to me at first two. But since I have explored this method, I have become more and more excited about the experience Jon and I will have with our childbirth. Read this book. Thumb through it. At the very least, visit their website at The website has a lot of great information and many interesting facts. For example, 15% of women who use the Hypnobirthing method delivered via C-section. The national average of women delivering via C-section not using the method is double that.
The most common question both Jon and I get when we tell people we're choosing a home delivery is "what happens if there is an emergency?" What I have found is that most people don't realize, first, that those cases are extremely rare and second, that a midwife is a highly trained and experienced professional. They know how to recognize problems before its too late and they have the proper equipment to monitor both baby and mother. A midwife follows many safety precautions and the risk is actually very low. Jon and I feel very comfortable with our decision and every couple needs to be, whether its in a home, birthing center or hospital. Wherever you feel most comfortable is where you should be.
Thanks for reading my review, Im gonna jump off my soap box now :)

Monday, June 1, 2009

14 Weeks and Slim

Today marks week 14 for our baby-in-tow. The baby is now over 3 inches long and roughly the size of a lemon! Out of the first trimester (already!??) and wondering when I'll be out of bed. In my whole pregnancy so far, Ive thrown up 3 times. 2 of those times have been in the past couple of days. I think what happens is I fall asleep with heartburn, that settles in my stomach over night then joins me for breakfast the next day. All 3 times have been the morning after major not-fun heartburn. I have read, though, that heartburn=a hairy baby? Hmmm, I dunno we'll have to see. While my stomach feels ever so slightly better these days, I feel more tired, have more headaches and heartburn is my constant companion. The upside of all this? Ive lost nearly 20lbs! The other night at dinner I was talking to Jon, absentmindedly playing with my ring, when I realized I could easily take it on and off! I havent been able to do that for some time! While losing weight when I'd thought Id be gaining it was disconcerting at first, my fabulous midwife assured me that in no time, my appetite will be in full force and I just need to be sure Im eating healthy when I can. One of my sister-in-laws did the same thing so now Im just excited for my ring finger!
Yesterday was the best day ever! Church in the morning, then relaxed the rest of the day away. I decided to take a shower mid afternoon and when I got out, I found this waiting on my bed for me! The picture does NOT do this amazing sandwhich justice. A croissant roll with cream cheese, light mustard, muenster cheese, turkey, sprouts, avocado, tomato... and served with ripe red cherries and baked Lays. Does it even get better than this? My husband is amazing!