Wednesday, September 15, 2010

More about Memphis

So in addition to all the amazing, fatty, fried and delicious food, we did a little bit of sightseeing with Shelly. We took her to the Peabody Hotel, which is a super old, elegant hotel with a very interesting and unique tradition. Every morning at the same time, ducks descend from the roof of the hotel, walk through the front door of the hotel lobby and make their way to the fountain in the middle of the elaborate front room. There, they swim round and round the fountain until evening time (same time every day as well) when they climb out of the fountain, walk back out the front door and make their way back up to the roof. Did I mention the hotel lays out a red carpet and have a large gathering of people come from all over to watch this? Its all very unusual but fun to witness. Look it up on YouTube if ya want!
We all went up to the roof and saw where the ducks live when they arent busy swimming in circles. The hotel made a "bath house" for them and everything!
This is the master of ceremonies for the daily Peabody Ducks ceremony. And below is a pic of Shelly and I in the phone booths on the main floor. I wish I had taken more pictures of the actual hotel because it was SO ornate and old fashioned. Beautiful!
We also took a stroll down historic Beale Street. This "Blues and Jazz" hot spot is lined with restaurants, clubs, souvenir shops and cool stores adorned with all things pertaining to the famous musicians who got their start right there.

Instead of Hollywood Stars, the sidewalks on Beale Street paid homage to the famous musicians who played there.
One of the stores had drum heads lining the ceiling, all signed by bands and musicians who had come through Memphis. This was one of Jon's favorite parts. We had fun walking around with our heads up, trying to find bands we recognized while also trying to not run into anything!
Another Store we went into had so many bizarre things. The most random assortment from crazy hats, samurai swords, jams and jellys, wooden toys, underwear... you name it, they had it.
Poor Pax. He's such a good sport. Jon and I have put countless weird objects on his head and posed him for pictures. He seems to be a good sport about it!
You dont see many signs like this one in your everyday, run of the mill store. I like how it says I.D. may be required.
I tried to get Shelly to buy this hat. I think every Thanksgiving Dinner needs someone dressed as the food they are about to eat!

Shelly, we're so glad you came to visit! It was fun sharing that with you!
Memphis: You were fun in a lot of ways, but dang was it hot there! I decided I never want to live anywhere like that because the humidity was just so yuck! I would say Im glad to be back home in Arizona but..... we moved. AGAIN. More on that to come. The adventures of JLplus are never ending!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Our last little bit in Memphis, and a visit!

Jon and I are long gone from the Southern Heat, but I havent been able to blog for awhile so here's my catch up....
Shelly came for the past few days and we had so much fun showing her around Memphis. Unfortunately, it was SOOOO hot, so we didnt do much more than eat, but who can complain about that :)
First stop was Marlowes for some seriously good ribs.

This place is not only tasty, but smeared in Elvis memorabilia. Its just down the street from Graceland and was Elvis's favorite place to eat. We ate here on the weekend of the anniversary of Elvis's death and fanatics from all over the country had flocked to the area to mourn the death of their "King". The ribs were amazing, the home made salad dressings were to die for, and there was no shortage of fried foods!

Next stop was Gus's World Famous Fried Chicken. Um, I dont really even have words except "KFC who?". This chicken was AMAZING! It was the most humble of places, served on styrofoam plates, sided with slices of Wonder Bread and delivered to our table on nothing else but a cafeteria tray!
We tried fried pickles for the first time. They changed my life. I need to get me some more of this, fast!

(I have the hottest husband, and the cutest little baby)