Sunday, December 27, 2009

A sorta-kinda Christmas post

I cant believe Christmas has come and gone and our little man is already 3 weeks old! He's a little stud and we're loving every second of him. We got a cute picture of him with his cousin Lucy who is only a few days older. Isnt she seriously the cutest little girl ever?
Its tradition in our family to exchange pajamas on Christmas Eve. I thought it would be so much fun if Jon and Pax had matching pj's so with the much appreciated help from my mom, daddy and baby were twin-ers on Christmas morning. Jon was so excited!
Im in love with this picture. This is right after he ate. Eyes closed, tummy full and smiling ecstatically.
Christmas was a little unusual this year. With my little brother in the hospital and both my parents there around the clock, certain traditions of the holiday were put on hold. Instead of our big Christmas Eve dinner, we all ordered take-out Chinese food and hung out. The change in plan caused me to ponder certain things. Christmas, of course, is not about big dinners or presents or anything like that. It is, of course, about the Savior and his birth. But it is also about family. I am so grateful to have my family. I love them all so much and I am so thankful that the Savior came to this Earth and did the things necessary for me to be with my family forever. Its sad that the beautiful meaning of Christmas gets passed over for toys and reindeer and spending money. Im sad that the holidays are over but I am glad to know that the spirit of Christmas, which is the birth and life of Christ, last all year. Merry Christmas to all our loved ones!

Monday, December 21, 2009

I love my little Paxton.

Friday, December 18, 2009

About the 2 songs...

So just a quick note on the two songs I added to our blog- the first one is a song that Jon discovered awhile back and we both always thought of our little guy on the way. Watch the youtube video for it- you'll maybe understand better. The second song is one of the Yiruma songs that we had playing during my labor. I loved his music before the birth but now it has taken on a whole new beautiful meaning. Just thought I would share. Enjoy :)

A bunch of Pictures

I have been loving this little boy. Being a mom is so amazing and fulfilling. Its so much fun getting to know this sweet little person and finding out all the interesting things about him.

His first trip out into the the world!

He sleeps in a lot of interesting positions. He's dreaming about being Superman and flying in this pic.

He loves to sleep on his hands and his favorite spot to lay is on his daddy.

Here he is with his older cousin in matching outfits! Aedan cant wait for you to get bigger Pax!

This is the perfect picture to use to describe this kids temperament. Chilled out!

I laugh so hard every time I find him like this. Already living the relaxed life :)

Thursday, December 10, 2009

About a Boy...

Where do I begin? How do I put into words how much this tiny baby has changed our lives in just a few days? This little guy began his descent into this world early last Saturday morning. At about 2:30 I woke up to a beautiful nudge in my stomach. About 8 minutes later, BAM! another nudge. After the third one, I woke up my husband with the news that Paxton was on his way. Before I knew it, my mom and her assisting midwife were there and my surges were about 4 minutes apart. Once everything was in place, I began my hypnobirthing and did my best to sink into a relaxed state. With Yiruma's Piano Collection playing in the background and Jon laying next to me, I focused my mind and heart on my baby. I was later told that I fell asleep in between every contraction. Once my water broke, Jon got behind me on our bed and together we worked our baby into the world. My husband was my rock. He was every bit the painkiller I needed. With each contraction, he whispered into my ear how good I was doing and how much he loved me. I cant tell you how long I was actually pushing, but in no time at all, I had my baby in my arms. Jon had his arms around me and together we held our baby for the first time.

Paxton Jon Hall was born on December 5 at 10:52am, weighing 7lbs 3oz and 19 1/2in long. From the very first moments, he was calm and peaceful and found happiness in the arms of his loving parents. Jon cut the cord and helped clean Paxton up then placed him in my arms.

Paxton sleeps. A LOT. When he's not sleeping, he's either eating or silently looking around. He only cries when he's being changed but is completely calm the moment he is warm again. He loves to cuddle and sleep on our chests. He doesnt even cry when he's hungry, which actually drives me a little crazy because its sometimes hard to know if its time to eat. Instead, he opens his mouth like a baby bird and kinda looks around for food. Its seriously the sweetest thing in the whole world. I love being the person that this little baby depends on. I love that he knows that I feed him and I hold him. Im his mother and he knows that and I cant think of any better feeling in the whole world.

I love seeing Jon with our baby. I see a whole new type of fulfillment in his eyes as he holds his son. Jon was always meant to be a daddy. He has such an amazing capacity to love and provide. He's been amazingly helpful with diaper changes, burping after feeding and rocking him for hours in the middle of the night. On top of that, he's taken care of me while Ive been recovering and he's kept up with the dishes and laundry.

I love everything about this beautiful experience we've been through. I honestly wouldnt change a thing. Labor was hard. I would never say it wasnt. And there were a couple of times that I doubted my ability to do what I needed to do. But Heavenly Father gave me an incredible body. He created women so divinely and gave us the incredible blessing and responsibility to bring children into this world. Paxton coming to this Earth was a vital step in his eternal progression and I am so reverently grateful to have been a part of that.

Monday, December 7, 2009


Just wanted to let everyone know that Saturday morning at 10:52 am little Paxton Jon Hall decided to finally join us out here! I just have to say that Lisa did an amazing job during the entire pregnancy and with the labor(this is Jon writing).
We are all pretty tired but i just wanted to get on really quick and show some pictures of our little guy. He came out 7 pounds 3 ounces, healthy and happy to be here.
He is doing great and so is Lisa. He is a calm little guy who likes to sing songs in his sleep. No thats not him crying in the picture above i just caught him in a sneeze. He really only cries when I change his diaper. :)

So i am going to take this quiet time and join my family for a little snooze. We are excited to start this new adventure and we are excited for out little boy!