Monday, October 12, 2009

33 Week Pics and a Festive New Layout!

33 week mark! My time as a kangaroo is quickly coming to an end. I have to admit, I've loved being pregnant. It was hard in the beginning. 4 months of living in bed and hardly eating isnt something I like to think about but you know, I would do it a thousand more times. Yes, it was hard, but knowing that MY baby, whom I share with the love of my life, was in there made every hardship seem so small. And now I feel him rolling around inside my tummy all the time and I cant help but love him. This morning I was awakened to a tiny little boy doing somersaults inside my belly and the joy I felt as I laid there next to Jon, feeling Paxton jump around, is simply beyond words. I cant wait to have him in my arms. Only a few weeks left!

This is a picture I took. The view of my feet how I see them is so different than ever before. They're disappearing before my very eyes!
Jon and I only have a week left in Michigan! Hurray! We cant wait to see everyone and eat some Fili-B's. Mmmmmmmmmm