Monday, January 26, 2009

Our First Anniversary!

So we celebrated our 1 year on Sunday (hurray!!!). In honor of the event, Jon and I rented a cabin up north of Show Low, packed up our puppies and headed out. It was the perfect way to spend the weekend. There wasnt a whole lot of snow right around our cabin but we were on a private lake with a dock and snow was a quick 10 minute drive up the mountain. Our cabin was cozy and quaint and we fell asleep each night to the dim light and slight crackle coming from our fireplace.
We had fun playing in the snow-Franklin loved running through it while poor Pennie would hunt for a dry spot to sit or would hang around my feet until I picked her up. We pulled a "those people" and bought them jackets but, in our defense, we read that their breed does not do well in cold weather. So, to help combat the wind chill, we bought them jackets.
It was so nice to get away from everything and hang out just the two of us. Its fun now to look back on the year at everything we've been able to do and accomplish and to realize how much the Lord has blessed us. Its amazing to think about decisions the two of us made even years ago that brought us together. The Lord has a plan and provides a way and I am reminded of that every morning when I open my eyes and see, not only the man of my dreams, but my best friend lying next to me. Its so crazy to think that we made the decision to spend the rest of eternity together in just a few short hours. It takes me that long sometimes to decide what to eat. Anyhow, I didnt mean to sap you all out. We had a wonderful weekend and a great first year and we look forward to many, many more.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Previously on Lost

With much anticipation, Jon and I tuned into ABC for the long awaited season premier of Lost. I have to say, Im kinda stoked for what is to come. Already we learn crazy things about a couple of characters that to this point have not been divulged yet. We see a little more into the islands powers and with the twist of space and time, who knows what will happen. It was made pretty clear that time cannot be changed so Im not going to get my hopes up yet for Charlie's return (moment of silence for our loss). Thank goodness for DVR and being able to fast forward thru commercials, rewind on parts we didnt quite hear and pause for potty breaks throughout the amazing two hour event. Lost is amazing people, if you havent jumped on that train yet, I strongly suggest you do and would like to add that youre crazy!!!! Oh and for those of you who also watched the hour long intro to the series before the premier, I heard hints all throughout that questions all the way back from season 1 will finally be answered. There are definitely some loose ends i would like to see wrapped up. Until next week.......

My brother has a kid?

Many of you reading this will hit your hand against your head and say out loud "Whaaaa???" but its true, Michael Carlson has a baby of his own. This is Aedan Jay Carlson, born January 16, 8lbs 5oz. A beautiful, healthy baby boy. This kid is definitely Michaels. After nesting 9 months in Rachaels tummy, this punk just didnt want to budge. Rach tried for nearly 24 hours to get him out and after 5 days past her due dates she finally screamed "give me a knife, Im getting this kid out!" Okay, so maybe it didnt happen exactly like that, but its kinda mostly true. Anyhow, Aedan entered the world and changed the life of his parents forever. Stayed tuned because he has a cousin coming any day now. Jayson and Kim are due on Sunday!!!!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Ok so maybe we are a bit strange....

...but that sums us up. We think the same little dumb things are funny and we have a great time doing everything together. We laughed until we cried while making this and then we laughed even harder watching it and re watching it! Hope you all enjoy!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

yeah...we're those people

You know the ones, those people who dress their dogs in clothing
those people who take their dogs with them everywhere and sneak them into Wal-Mart
those people who cant go over to Sunday dinner without taking 'the kids'
those people who refer to their dogs as 'the kids'
Rest assured everyone!
Being 'those people'
has already served us justice!

Pennie freakin peed on our bed last night because we're those people who let their dogs sleep in their bed
(she wont be sleeping with us for quite a while)

Franklin took off running yesterday mornin
g when Jon took him to take out the trash because we're those people who don't always put their dog on a leash. Jon, two bags of trash in hand, chased him down in his pj's

We buy high-end dog food, gourmet 'homemade' doggie treats, dress them up for special occasions
and fork out grooming and vet bills on a regular basis.
What is my point? I really don't know except being those people is expensive. At least having a kid wont be as much of a shock that it normally would be.
Until then and in the meantime, I love these two freakin dogs. Its so fun to walk in the door and see them get all excited. How could anyone not love that?