Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Im thinking about chopping all my hair off. Ive been letting it grow and do what it wanted since I was pregnant with Pax, and I have to say, Im not a fan of long hair. On other people, yes. On me? No way. Its way too thick and heavy and Im thinking a cut like this one would be perfect for summer...

Monday, May 16, 2011

Happy Birthday to my Hunny!

 April 27th was Jon's birthday (this post is WAY late). It was kind of a regular day. Jon went to work and did all his normal stuff. When he got home my family had put up a banner for him and the little boys all got him cute little gifts. They even did my family's traditional walk down the hall singing happy birthday.
After that, I took Jon out for dinner. I had pulled up online a bunch of menus for different restaurants and he got to pick where he wanted to go. Much to my surprise, he chose Claim Jumper. I thought he would have chosen a steakhouse or sushi, but we had never been and he wanted to try it out. Long story short, we wont be going back. Gross! Ive always heard such great things about Claim Jumper, but both of our entrees and even our appetizer were hardly edible, much less enjoyable. Oh well, the company was great and no baby meant a quiet dinner for two :)
We got back home and had cake and ice cream with the fam. The candles spell out "JON" but it's kind of hard to make that out.
Anyway, Happy birthday to my amazing husband, a wonderful father and an incredibly kind and generous person. You've accomplished so much already, and you will achieve so much in the time to come. This world is a much brighter place because of you and the lives who are privileged enough to cross paths with you are far better off because of it. I am so thankful that I get to spend all your birthdays with you now, and especially that I get to grow old along with you. Happy Birthday sweetie!