Thursday, March 5, 2009

just a couple random pictures

I have a sizzlin hot hubby. He always has a smile and looks sexy at all angles. Thanks for all your hard work babe!
Heres a random pic of Jon touching my feet. I NEVER let anyone touch my feet, EVER until I met Jon. For whatever reason, he loves touching my feet and there's just something about the way he does it that calms me down.

Moving, Again

So I havent posted an entry for about a week now. I have had oh so much to say and ZERO time to say it. Why? I have been organizing and packing my brains out! Jon and I have moved 5 times. First when we got engaged and he helped me move back into my parents house. Then into the apartment where I worked and we thought we would be living when we got married. Then about a week before our big day, into our Azul apartment. That place turned out to be a nightmare (Mark Taylor Properties are HORRENDOUS!) so we moved in the middle of last summer into Broadstone. We LOVED that apartment but with our move to Michigan coming up, we moved just this last week into my parents house. Yes, we are now living in my parents basement, but only for a few weeks because in about a month we will move again to Michigan then back here in September and then again into our new house just as soon as we can find one. Was that confusing? Just talking about it wears me out, moving was WAY WAY worse. Thank you to my parents and brothers and my sister Shelly who helped out each time so graciously.
As much as I was worried about crashing my parents party, it has turned out great! We have a room in the basement where the people-traffic is low and its quite comfortable. Our dogs are enjoying being outside more and exploring my parents near acre, fenced in lot and Jon and I are enjoying the quiet mornings with my mom while the kids are at school. Its nice for now and we cant wait to get to Michigan!