Sunday, December 21, 2008

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Our Wedding Album

In case you weren't there or haven't seen any of these pics yet, Ive added some from our wedding album. Kinda just for fun...

Our First Christmas Tree


Jon was so excited about getting our first tree and believe me, a fake tree was out of the question. We took Franklin to a couple of tree lots and he met some dogs to play with. In the end, we went to Target's Garden Center and found an even better looking tree for about half the cost of the trees at the lots. We loaded this sucker into the truck and set it up next to our "fireplace". It was so fun hanging up ornaments that Ive had for years and mixing them in with ones that belonged to both of us. Making ornaments was so much fun and I'm sure will be a cool memory of our first Christmas together.

Our year in 12 bite-size pieces

So just over a year ago Jon and I were at the Temple Lights here in Mesa and one of us (me, shhh) had a fun idea. We decided that we would take one picture for each month of 2008 and make them into ornaments for our first Christmas tree. These are the pics we used, um, kinda out of order but they're all there so who cares!

We got another puppy!!! Her name is Pennie and one day her and Franklin will get married and have a family of their own.

Thanksgiving! Turkey Day! This isnt the pic we used but I had to put it in for everyone else's benefit. Look closely at who is who. First we have Camron(left), our infamous 'Im Hungry' boy wearing, what else? A turkey hat. Those things on the sides are turkey legs! Then we have Diego, who is obviously not white, wearing the Indian hat. And lastly, we have Julien(right) our little white boy wearing the pilgrim hat. PC? you decide. I just enjoy the irony of it all

We went to Schnepf Farms and had fun watching turkey races, going thru the corn maze and many other 'fall' type activites. Not pictured are Uncle Bob and Melinda who were there with us.

Meet Franklin! Jons amazing birthday present to me. This dog is awsome! He's got the best personality and people cant stop telling us just how cute he is. We seriously have the honor roll puppy.

This is the trip we took for my birthday. Here we're at the Acquarium of the Pacific playing with the sea otters. Such a cool place to visit. On this trip we got to visit with Shen and Joubin and there adorable kids. We went to Disneyland again, 6 Flags and made it to the Santa Monica Pier for lunch.

Here we are at the Hoover Dam. This was on our way home from Vegas where we stayed for a few days. Sadly, this little stop was the highlight of our lame trip to Nevada. Never plan a trip to the strip during the summer, its just not worth it.

We're on the beautiful lake in Pinecrest, CA. My home-away-from-home. Ive spent nearly every summer there that I can remember and it was amazing to finally bring my husband with me. The visitors of this small 100 year old cabin dwelling lovingly call it their 'Heaven in the Hills'

Here we are in Payson on our first ever camping trip. I hadnt been in years and couldnt believe how much fun we had. The weather was perfect and we hiked the Tonto Natural Bridge. Absolutely beautiful!

We went to Disneyland for a few days for Jon's birthday. Why is the Magic Kingdom so much better when youre there with your best friend? Definitely the best trip there ever!

If you cant tell, Im miserable... just hours after having my wisdom teeth removed. Hmmm why is Jon so happy? Helped himself to some of my pain killers perhaps???

Snow Trip
Our pants got SOAKED in the snow so naturally, we just took them off for the ride home. We just couldnt bring ourselves to put our cold wet pants back on when we arrived home so ...Jon is wrapped in a duvet we had in the car and I fashioned my pants from an extra sweater we had.

Of course, our wedding. The day that started it all!