Monday, July 27, 2009

Fun, FIRE! and Food

Jon and I finally took advantage of the beautiful landscape that is Michigan. We went to the beach of Lake Michigan and spent the day walking around and eating YUM food. (By-the-way, I lightened my hair. What do you think? Could I be headed back to my natural blonde roots? Hmmm I dunno....)Lighthouse Pier was so much fun. At the end of the Pier, the water was gushing up against the platform and absolutely SOAKING anyone standing near. We were able to catch a few shots of how crazy it was to be standing there.
We went to a really yummy Italian restaurant right on the beach and the weather was a beautiful 72 degrees with a cool breeze and hardly any humidity. So we got a table outside and soaked up all the beautiful air and sun. The downside of eating outside? The bugs. This is a picture of the fly swimming around in our bread dip.

I had to post about this even though its been a week or so. When I finally got home to Jon after 3 whole weeks apart, Jon brought me home from the airport to this: a beautiful display of candles and rose petals and dinner. It was the sweetest and most romantic thing ever!
We were back in the bedroom eating the dinner (best salad ever, by-the-way) and I looked up and noticed the glare on the wall from the candles in the hall was kinda bright. I made a comment lightly about how it looked like the hallway was on fire. Jon laughed and got up and checked it out. There was a slight pause as he walked out the door then I heard a "OH NO!!" One of the candles apparently melted down into the carpet and caught onto the fibers. Luckily, Jon got it out just as it started to spread. We couldnt stop laughing! Our romantic night by the fire could have been a lot worse, but thank goodness this was the extent of the damage:

Friday, July 24, 2009

Dear Baby's Mommas

When did you first feel your baby kicking inside you? Because Im now 20 weeks and havent felt him yet and honestly, Im starting to feel like a bad momma. He was kicking like crazy on the ultrasound and we just checked his heartbeat so of course he's ok. Its me right? Jon thinks Im silly but seriously! Why havent I felt him yet?!?!?

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Oh Boy!

Its a BOY!!!!!!!! Jon and I had our ultrasound a few weeks back. That same day I left for California so I havent been able to update but here there it is! We're so SO excited. I always wanted a boy to come first and I honestly always thought I would have a boy first too. And we all know Jon couldnt be more happy to have his boy on the way. I couldnt even watch the ultrasound because the look that I saw on Jons face as he saw our baby was priceless. The ultrasound shows our little guy a little bit behind the date we originally thought. Instead of Nov. 29, it looks like he's due more like Dec. 12. We (jon, myself and our wonderful midwife) think he'll come somewhere in between. More like Dec. 7th which puts my sister-in-law Nat and I neck & neck in the delivery race. So now Im 19 1/2 weeks and Im HUGE all the sudden. I'll have Jon get a picture and I'll put it on with the next post. We've decided on naming him Paxton although still trying to figure out the middle name. Its so fun talking about him and referring to him by name instead of "him/her" or "baby". I feel completely amazing now! No more bed rest and lots more food finally! More to come on that and my trip later. Oh boy its a BOY!!!