Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A quick trip to Winslow

 Jon and I took a quick trip up to Winslow a couple weeks back to visit Nat and Roland and their fam. Its one of our favorite getaway places because we go, we hang out around the house, eat good food and laugh a lot. There's not much to do in Winslow except enjoy each other's company. A low-key couple of days was just what the Dr ordered!

 Pax and Lucy were SO STINKIN CUTE together! They instantly clicked and followed each other around for 3 days. On our last morning there, I walked around the corner to find them alone in the kitchen, HUGGING! How adorable is that?! Ive never seen 15-month olds take to each other so much.

Wee! Wee! Wee! That was what came out of Paxton's mouth the entire time he was on the swings.

this is Paxton's first time down a slide by himself. He loved it!

My brother Michael and his family, along with my sister Janice, were in Flagstaff at the same time and passed thru Winslow on their way back into the Valley. We met them at the Root Beer Stand and had a taste of yummy-ness together.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Boys and Sand go Hand and Hand!

I love the sand outline around his mouth. Why do they love to eat this nasty stuff? 

Washing down all that rough sand. Blagh!

This is his classic face. When we say smile, he does this! 

Friday, March 18, 2011

Shoes! Shoes!

Paz will normally take off his shoes the second he can get away from us long enough to sit down and pull them off. The other day we bought a 4-dollar pair of sandals from Wal-Mart because we needed a cheap pair for him to wear in the backyard. Um, Pax is basically obsessed with them. He wants to wear them all the time, has never once tried to take them off, and brings them to me or Jon saying "shoes, shoes!" all the time to put on him. One of these times was the other morning when he was in just his diaper. He played for quite a while in his dipe and "shoes".

A Quote Worth Reading

"Two people can accomplish anything in life, 
so long as one of them is the Savior"

Paxton's Words

At dinner last night, my mom and I were counting all the words Pax says. I had no idea just HOW MANY WORDS he's actually saying, and correctly too! This is the list that we came up with, although he's adding a new word every other day it seems!

Bye Bye
See ya
Bye bye, see ya
oh no!
how cool!
oh wow!
woof-woof (when he sees a dog)
banana (although it sounds like nanana)
good morning

Im sure Ive missed a few, but this is the majority. I love my little babbler. Oh, and he recently started singing. This kids LOVES to hear his voice... and so do I!

Diego's Baptism

 Last week was Diego's baptism. He's been looking forward to his baptism for a long time. He turned 8 last summer, but since the adoption wasnt finalized, he had to wait. He was so excited and had the biggest smile on his face the whole morning leading up to it and the rest of the day as well. So proud of you, little bro! Jon, Pax and I love you!