Friday, August 6, 2010

My Baby Boy is 8 Months Old!

Pax is now 8 months old (as of yesterday) and I still cant believe I am a mommy, much less a mommy to such a big boy! He is growing like crazy these days and developing such an adorable/weird personality. He makes me and Jon laugh ALL the time with the silly little things he does.
We bought him a rock-a-stack the other day! Jon has been wanting to get one since Paxton was in the womb and since Kohls was having a sale, we decided now would be as good a time as ever to introduce him to a toy that both Jon and I played with when we were babies! At first he didnt really get it, but a few minutes in, we realized that he had pulled them all off and stuck one on each foot! So cute :)
Like I said, this baby is developing a weird and silly personality. I found him in the corner the other day like this: a blanket on his head and rocking on his knees. I had to look at what caused him to scream with delight.
Oh, and Pax still is having issues with food. He's at the age when we are supposed to introduce "meats" into his diet but the stuff seriously looked and smelled like dog food! Yuck, he hated it and we didnt push it on him.
One of Paxton's favorite things to do lately is look out the window. He can be hungry, tired, you name it, but the second we open those blinds, he smiling, screaming and awe struck.

Some of Pax's 8 month quirks/happenings:
-he finally broke a 3rd tooth. This one took a LONG time.
-his hair is getting so thick and long and RED now that he's sitting up most of the time
-he's learning how to self-soothe when he wakes up in the middles of the night. (that might be my most favorite accomplishment!)
-his poor little eyelid is still itchy and red. Anyone know how to keep a baby from rubbing his eye?
-he loves real food and isnt too fond of baby food. Im starting to steam and mash veggies rather than buy the store bought baby stuff.
-he loves wrestling around with his daddy. He loves playing games with daddy. He loves looking at daddy. Did I mention his daddy is his favorite person?
-Pax is a spastic baby. He hyperventilates when he gets excited, he clenches up and shakes.
-He twirls his feet pretty much all the time, but crazy fast when he's excited about something.
-If Pax is in our bed in the morning and Jon is sleeping, Pax will lean in towards him and grunt until Jon opens his eyes and plays back
-He loves to click his tongue and twist his tongue while yelling happily!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Mud Island

I post a lot of pictures. I also write some long entries. But I know most of you just look at the pictures. Thats what I do 2/3's of the time with your blog! So feel free to skim over the words and just oogle at my adorable baby and sexy husband :)
Last week Jon and I went to Mud Island. We always seem to find ourselves doing the most unknown and random things. Neither of us knew really what Mud Island was but we were in downtown Memphis, saw the sign, and said "why not?" Because of that way of thinking, we have done some awesome and cool things and also some not-so-interesting things.
Mud Island begins on the edge of the Mississippi River. You buy a ticket, go up am escalator and ride a suspended car across half the river to a small island island in the middle. On Mud Island, there are a couple of gifts shops, a MI River Museum, a scale model of the MI River and a lot of cool artwork and views of the river and Memphis.

Most of the experience is outside and it gets VERY hot here right now. Its safe to say all three of us sweated a pound or two while we were there but honestly, it was just nice to be doing something all together.

Like I said, sweaty. Even Paxton! Behind him is the "Pyramid" which used to be something but now sits vacant. Any bidders? Rumor is that the sporting goods store Cabela's is in talks to buy it and turn it into a crazy store/entertainment venue.
Here I am by one of the murals. The King is everywhere in this city and this city is definitely proud of him!

The scale model of the Mississippi River was really cool. People were free to walk in it which was very nice considering the crazy heat we were all enduring!
Here is a section of it from above. This thing was so HUGE! I wish I could have gotten a pic of the whole thing!

A view from the suspended car. I gotta hand it to Memphis: its a pretty cool city!