Tuesday, September 29, 2009

31 weeks and Autumn

On Sunday, the weather was beautiful. Cool, slightly cloudy and a little wind. After being in AZ for a few weeks, I was excited to take advantage of the perfect weather. Jon found a sculpure park online that was nearby so we decided to go take a walk through it. Well, we got there and turns out it was a huge botanical garden with amazing sculptures all throughout the gardens. It was so beautiful! I don't know how it always happens to us, but we seem to end up in the most random places unexpectedly. The picture above is Jon with his favorite art piece. Below is a picture of me at exactly 31 weeks. People are still saying I'm small for how far along I am. I feel like the Titanic so I don't know what ya'll are talking about :)

I love fall. Aren't these colors beautiful? Its my favorite season to be outside. The best part about Michigan in the fall is all the different colors that the trees are changing to. Only a few more weeks to enjoy this!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Bight paper packages tied up with strings...

These are a few of my favorite things:

Johnson's has a new lotion with Shea and Cocoa Butter. It smells AMAZING! It quickly jumped to my favorite lotion spot. It has the classic light scent that all their lotions have and it rubs in smooth and soft! Best all-over body lotion!!So like EVERY pregnant woman out there, I was so, so worried about stretch marks. I tried a couple of lotions and creams but they all smelled kinda funky. Finally I found this: Palmers Tummy Butter. It has a good smell (Jon really likes it) and its super thick. It is pretty, um, oily? Waxy? Im not sure the best word to describe it but I dont care because IT WORKS! I put some on in the morning and again at night before bed. Im never itchy anymore and guess what? The two stretch marks that crept in and freaked me into buying this stuff are already fading! Awesome, awesome product.

I went to the Temple this morning and did a session with my mom. The temple is such a beautiful and peaceful place. I always leave with such a calm feeling. Its been hard in Michigan this summer because we are too far from a temple to go. I cant wait to be back home for good and get going again.

Ive had to keep a little busy while being in AZ. Two weeks away from my hot husband is so hard. To distract my lonely self, I bottled peaches and applesauce. Yummmmmmm. I love food storage and home canning. I cant wait to get home, get settled into a house, and start stocking up again on storage essentials. Costco has a book out with tons and tons of home canning recipes that I want. Maybe I'll drop hints to Jon about that :)

These are the peaches. Also made some freezer jam and
froze bags of peaches to use for cooking.

And finally, the applesauce. SOOOOOO good. Nothing beats
homemade, slightly chunky applesauce!

Prego update: Im 30 weeks and our little guy is measuring slightly ahead of dates which means he's gonna be nice and big. His foot has found a nice rest in my right rib cage and Im constantly feeling lovely sharp pains from that. He's just gone through a crazy growth spurt and Im only getting bigger. Stay tuned for belly pics coming in the next post!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Third Trimester!

Monday was my birthday and Jon took me to our favorite pizza place EVER!!!! LGO (Le Grande Orange) is simply to die for. Truly authentic and highest quality and oh so yummy! This is a picture of us there waiting for our dinner. We met my brother and his wife, also our friends Craig and Megan as well as my little brother and sister. It was such a fun time and the entire day was perfect. Thank you sweetie, for making my day so wonderful!
I feel huge! Although, every single person who asks how far along I am says Im super small still. Pax is enjoying his little water bed clear in my back right now but is starting to push forward. Good thing to because those back pains are starting to creep in. Im 28 1/2 weeks. THIRD TRIMESTER!!! Our date changed again. Its back to November 29 and Im so excited that we get our little bundle sooner hopefully. We'll see though. Im not really relying on any due date, considering that only like 3% of babies even deliver on their "due date". Im just going to expect him sometime towards the end of November, maybe early December, and just let him decide when he's due. I love my Hypnobirthing book. I wish every woman would read it because it really has changed my entire view on pregnancy and delivery. Jon too, has said he never expected it to be this way. Im normally a high stress person (Jon will verify, if you dont believe me) but Im so relaxed about everything involving my pregnancy and actually giving birth. Im so excited for everything and Im loving taking care of my baby inside me. There really is no greater calling in life for a woman than to care for a child, whether she carries it herself or cares for a child already here.