Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Catching Up

So I just did a ga-zillion posts. Right now, in this moment, I hate blogging. I never want to do another post as long as I live........
Moments over and I like it again. Read on and enjoy. Lots of pictures and stories and catching up on what the Hall's have been up to these past few weeks.

Valentines Day (Sorta)

Jon and I have a tradition that, instead of going out and waiting 2 hours for dinner, we make sushi at home together. I love this tradition. I love, love, LOVE sushi and its fun to have it at home.

We made it the day before so that we didnt have to break the Sabbath and it was kinda fun having our own special day.

Yum, I want to eat this all over again. We bought ahi, salmon, yellow tail and shrimp. OH MY GOODNESS. Seriously, Im salivating just writing about it.
We also made these cute little cakes in some glass cups that we have but, um, something went wrong because they were NAS-TY! Too bad because they looked so cute and even smelled good.

Poor Paxton got his first cold that day. This picture perfectly shows the way he felt. Poor baby just wanted to sleep in mommy and daddy's arms all day.

Happy Valentines Day Sweetie. Its kinda belated but I figured since we celebrated early that I could say it late. Thanks for treating every day like its Valentines. You are the love of my life and Im so glad to be married to someone who opens my doors, holds my hand everywhere we go, surprises me with breakfast in bed, makes me laugh, holds me when I cry, makes me weak in the knees and gives me butterflies still, knows me better than I know myself... I could go on and on but mostly Im so thankful that you are my very best friend in the whole world. LOVE YOU!

Just some pictures

I love looking at pictures of my baby. Just thought I'd share some of my favorites...

So I guess We're Those People

On our honeymoon, Jon and I decided it would be fun to collect something from our trips together to show where we've been and remember all the fun we had. We figured magnets were the way to go since you can pretty much find them everywhere.
Most of the places we go, its not to hard to find one. Sometimes it can be a challenge though but that in itself is kinda fun too. Our fridge is ridiculous-ly full (btw, it normally isnt organized this way) but its fun to look at and remember what we've been able to do. We get one from every state we visit, one from anywhere especially fun or different and some just because we can (like the one from Gila Bend).

From left to right, starting at the top with the Blue Hippos
Phx Zoo, Yuma AZ, Gila Bend AZ, John Ball Zoo MI, Random Gas Station, The cruise for our honeymoon, Chicago IL, Michigan, Six Flags trip for Jons birthday, Rt 66 in New Mexico, Nebraska, Las Vegas, Tonto National Bridge AZ, Rocky Point Mexico, Aquarium of the Pacific CA, Disneyland Trip for Jons birthday, Knotts Berry Farms on our honeymoon, Disneyland for Lisa's birthday, Magic Mountain trip for Lisa's birthday, California Adventures, Holland MI, AZ Science Center, Missouri, Utah, Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago IL, Worlds Largest Truck Stop in Iowa, Hoover Dam, Winslow AZ, Pinecrest CA, Another Phx Zoo (this one showing that I got brave and touched a stingray!), Texas, Payson AZ and finally, Colorado.

whew! Thats a lot of magnets. Cant wait to add more to our collection.

Two Month Mark

So its been a couple weeks since Pax hit his two-month mark but I wanted to post about it anyway since the whole reason I do this blog is 1- to share with the fam and friends but also 2- to have a journal of sorts for my own purposes. So without further delay...
Here are some pictures of Paxton at two months. I love this picture below because it really demonstrates his level of chunk with that double (sometimes triple) chin of his. He is in the 90% for weight which means only 10% of babies his age weigh more than he does. His eyes are still blue and Im so curious about whether they will change color or stay this way. His hair, which is a cute strawberry/auburn color, has a sort of mullet appearance because his hair on top fell out after birth but the long hair in the back did not. Poor baby!

This is another picture that I love because it shows all his rolls. Do you see those legs?! Chunk. Oh, and you can kind see the business-in-front-party-in-back 'do that he's got going on.

Standin' on the Corner

Our little familia went to Winslow a few weeks ago for Lucy's baby blessing. It was SO nice to "get away" (although it was only a couple hours away) and spend time with Jon's fam. We went up on Saturday, planning only on staying just one night and had such a good time that we stayed until Tuesday.
You may ask yourself, "Winslow? What the heck is so great about Winslow?" well Im sure you've heard the famous song by the Eagles. The small town in northern Arizona is so proud of that recognition that they have a corner there completely dedicated to the song.

(One thing I was really looking forward to was seeing a drunk, passed out Indian. And look! Here one is!)
(that sounds kinda racist, I swear Im not though)

It was so much fun to put our little Pax next to Lucy, who happens to be just a few days older than him. The crazy thing was that when we did put them together, our little Pax wasnt so little anymore. This boy is SO chunky. It was really interesting to see a baby the same age as ours and comparing what they do the same and things they are unique to. I cant wait to watch these two grow up together.

I love this picture because it looks like Paxton is bullying poor Lucy. Oh, the start of many times to come with these two getting into trouble.

Cant wait to get back and visit. We're so glad that Nat and Roland and their family is so close, yet just far enough that it feels like a vacation to go :)

Monday, February 15, 2010

Friday, February 12, 2010

My husband says the darndest things...

So we're watching the Olympic Opening Ceremonies. Its the beginning when all the countries are announced and walk out into the stadium. It was cool at first, then it just got long and not so interesting. My darling husband exclaims "Ugh! This is worse than Keeping Up With the Kardashians!" I laughed. Then I grabbed my computer and shared it with the world. The End.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Paxton's First Photo Shoot

Jon and I visited Winslow this last weekend for little Lucy's blessing (pictures and post coming soon!) and while we were there, we had a photographer friend of Natalie's take some pictures of our growing baby. She did an amazing job considering our little man wasnt feeling that well. Thank you Corey! I cant believe he is growing up so fast. The time is already flying by.