Wednesday, November 18, 2009

pictures and things

My sister-in-law came into town for a quick visit and took these pictures. Thank goodness too, because we have next to NO pictures of us together in my current "state" :) Thanks Kim! We cant wait to see you and Jayson in some weeks to come.
p.s. Jon is sticking out his gut, for the record. He's actually looking amazing. As I gain the weight, he seems to be losing it. Jealous.

This is a pic of her baby girl Lotta. This girl is so beautiful, just like her momma. She just took her first bite of snow and as you can see, wasn't expecting the coldness.

Here's a picture from my baby shower with a few girls that Ive known my whole life. Brye, Grace and Charde', love you girls! Char- can you believe we're MOMMAS???? (well, almost for me anyway)
***To all my sisters-in-law, anyone have any pictures from the family shower? I KNOW they were taken and would love a few. Thanks again Nat for putting that together and everyone else for coming and all the generosity. It was so much fun!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Paxton Poll

Ok everyone, its poll time. Everyone around us has been throwing out their guesses for due date and weight and such so I wanna hear what you think.
#1 the delivery date
#2 his weight
#3 hair color
I know #3 is kinda unusual but Jon and I have so many different hair color variations in our family that he really could get anything. Of course, if you think he's gonna be a baldy, then that works too :)
My guess is he will be born Nov 27 (He's "due" Nov 29). I think he will be 8lb 4oz and he'll have blond hair.
Jon's guess is he will be born Nov 28. He'll be 8lb 9oz and he'll have lots of blond hair.

Back from Blog-ternity Leave...

Holy Cow! I was just looking at our blog and realized how long its been since my last post. Has it really been nearly 5 weeks??? So, SO much to catch up on.
First, Jon and I are back in the beautiful warmth that is Arizona. I took this state for granted my entire life! I love the sunshine and the mountains and the sunsets/sunrises. I never, ever want to leave this place and my darling husband agrees 100% (thank goodness).
Pulling into the valley, being 34 weeks pregnant, I was in such a hurry to get settled and ready for our little Paxton's arrival. I must have drove Jon crazy with all the worrying and nagging I did about finding a place to live. He found us the most amazing home and we moved in after being in AZ less than a week. This is our house! We are currently renting but we plan to actually buy it sometime next year. This is our bedroom. Jon has been absolutely amazing with getting everything set up. Ive spent a lot of time in the past couple of weeks sitting in a comfy spot and telling him if something looked center or where I thought something would look good. Its been so much fun!
We've done a lot of things to get ready for the baby. I had two wonderful baby showers with my family and friends and Jon and I are so grateful to everyone for all the support and help we've been given.Jon was so excited to start putting things together. Here is the "crib" that Pax will sleep in for the first couple of months. We figured buying a bassinet wasn't so practical for us right now since we'd only use it a short time so we found a pack n play that had a bassinet adjustment and a changing table! And I lOvE the cute little owls :) Here's the most recent picture of my ever enlarging stomach. I said goodbye to sleeping comfortably this week. Up until this point Ive been ok but come on, do you SEE that huge thing sticking out the front of me? Enjoyable car rides are also a thing of the past. I still love being pregnant. Ive discovered the beauty of a warm bubble bath and a husband who will rub my back at all hours of the day and night. We're SO close to the day of arrival and neither of us can believe its already here and that we're going to be parents!