Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Dinosaurs, flowers and the Zoo

So the other day I went to Ikea and lunch with my mom and my sister Shelly. Had a wonderful time and even Pax did awesome!
Came home to a spotless house- dishes were clean, laundry was done and my floors were vacuumed.
Oh yeah, and these were waiting for me

I love Jon. I love him for all he does for me and all he puts up with from me. But mostly, I love that he constantly reminds me not to take life too seriously.
We took Paxton to the Zoo the other day. We met up with Lori and David (Jon's sister and brother) who each brought their daughters, Shayla and Lexi. He definitely had no idea where we were and couldnt care less about the animals but we had fun :)

Pictures of Paxton

Wow, nearly 4 months have gone by since my little baby was born. I always heard people say "time flies" but I honestly didnt think it flew by so quickly. I feel like it was just last week that this adorable little person made his debut. He's so big now, and so happy. I love his smile. It can turn the worst day into a good one.


Sunday, March 14, 2010

My beef with Mcdonalds

Last night neither Jon or myself felt much up to cooking dinner. Since neither wanted to go inside anywhere and sit down to eat, and neither of us wanted the typical drive-thru burger and fries, we figured a salad would be a good way to go. Um, has anyone out there ordered a salad from Mcdonalds lately? Just a salad costs more than an entire meal! Seriously people, $6 bucks for lettuce and a few pieces of chicken?! What a rip off. The sad thing is, so many people will pay it because 1- tons of people want a healthier option and 2- EVERYONE wants a convenient option. Remember back in the day when Mcdonalds had THE BEST french fries? After Super Size Me exposed the unhealthy side of the Golden Arches, they did so many things to make their menu more health-conscious, including changing the way they prepared their fries, thus forever ridding Americans of the crunchy delight. I shall make a suggestion: make your dang salads more affordable and give me back my fried potatoes! I hereby pledge to partake in moderation and accept responsibility for the food choices I make.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Paxton's Video Debut

So Pax has a buddy. We put a little hanging toy thing from the top of his car seat. At first, he hardly even noticed it. But after some time, and perhaps optical development, Paxton became obsessed with this thing. We call him Max, mostly because it rhythms with Pax I guess. Anyway, the first couple of days he just stared at it. Would not take his eyes off of this thing. Maybe Max seemed a bit suspicious to him. I think he passed the test though because then Paxton started talking to him. First a little, then for entire car rides. SO so cute.

Monday, March 8, 2010

And then there were 3...

So Ive been putting off writing this post. Its a sad post. I wasnt ready to re-live the day or stir up the memories but I think Im as good as I'll ever be to write about this so here it goes...

We found our dogs a new home.

With everything going on- moving all over, new baby, hardly ever being home and of course, summer traveling for Jon's work, we just felt the best thing for our puppies would be to find them a more stable home. It was the hardest thing ever for us to decide to do it but we knew we had to. Those two sweet dogs need a home and a family with more time for them.

Thank goodness we found an amazing family for them. A home with several people so they'll never be alone, not to mention a 14 yr old little girl that simply adored them. It was really important to us that we knew they would be loved and taken care of and we couldnt be happier with any other family for Franklin and Pennie.

Jon surprised me with Franklin for my birthday in 2008. He took me to a pet store to look at dogs "just for fun" because Id been saying that I wanted one and he said we couldnt with our busy lives and all. Frank was so cute. The store let me sit with him in a private room and play with him and I fell absolutely in love with him. Still, Jon said it just wouldnt work out and I had to leave him behind. A couple of days later, I got a knock at my door. Franklin was waiting on my doorstep with a blue bow around his neck. He was simply the most adorable little puppy. He was so cuddly and his favorite thing in the world was to play fetch with his little tennis ball.

We got Pennie a few months after. Franklin loved playing with other dogs so much and HATED being left alone when we went to work. We searched online and found a local breeder nearby. We fell in love with Penn instantly and took her home in perfect time for Christmas. She was so tiny and cute. She couldn't walk very well, instead she did a cute kind of hop to get herself around. She was much more independent than Franklin. She would wander around the apartment and fall asleep under furniture, whereas Frank wouldn't walk around unless he was right by my ankles. We called her farm dog because she hated being in a crate. Our poor neighbors once told us they could tell when we left the house and get home every day because she would bark and bark until she was let out. Luckily they didnt mind. She was always happier outside where she could run and chew on plants. She was also Pampered Pup because she would look all over the house for a pillow to curl up on for naps.

We had so much fun with these two dogs. They were quite the traveling two, going all over the country with us and on vacations everywhere. They did pretty good on road trips, although Franklin did get car sick occasionally.

They loved each other so much and were seriously meant to be little doggie companions. Pennie, the motherly type, would pin Franklin down and lick his face clean at least twice a day. Frank would pace around if Pennie wasnt in the room and refused to do anything unless she went with him. There were times that Jon and I would get so busy with things and I would feel so bad that the dogs werent getting as much attention but we knew they were just fine because they kept each other company so well.

We will miss these little puppies. They were so much fun and brought so much joy into our home. We were looking forward to having these two in our family for years but we just knew they needed something more stable and consistent than us. We love you, Franklin and Pennie. Thank you for making us laugh with all the crazy quirky things you did. We already miss you.