Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Oh and by-the-way

I love him

What if...

This may sound completely morbid to some of you, hopefully you will take the thought the same way I did. This morning I kissed Jon goodbye and settled down on the couch, ready to start my HouseWife time and I had a thought. "What if I died, what would people say about me?" It wasnt a depressing thought, more of a much needed pondering of sorts. If I died, what would Jon say about me? Or my parents or the friends who knew me best? Even more so, what would the people who hardly knew me at all say? Would I be remembered as someone who was kind and giving? Would people say I was faithful and righteous and a virtuous woman. I wont bother to list the negative things people would remember... far too long a list :) My point is, am I the person I want to be and want people to see me as. The answer is NO! I have so much I still I would like to improve on. I cant get down on myself for that however. The whole reason Im on this Earth, like everyone else, is to work towards perfection. Just kinda a thought I had.The Manti Temple
I love this House.

Monday, August 17, 2009

23 Weeks!

People keep asking me if I feel pregnant. Um, yes! Do you see that belly? My feet are quickly disappearing more and more each day and my maternity tops are already becoming too small. Bending over is so hard these days and my cravings are in full swing. Chili cheese dogs, chocolate ice cream, cinnamon rolls... I was even craving Thanksgiving dinner so much that yesterday I actually made it. I'm talking all out too- turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, stuffing, creamed onions, rolls, jello salad and pie to finish it. Having a baby in my belly is so much fun! We're 23 1/2 weeks and having this baby is all we can think about. Cant wait!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

New Computer and Naked Dogs

Jon won this computer. Thats right, he WON this in a 3 week team competition against the other 2000 employees in the company. Only 9 guys won in the end. Its a new Macbook Pro. The best part of this all is that Jon has been wanting one since this new model came out but he could never quite convince me that we needed a 4th Mac. He kept saying that it was totally necessary for us each to have a laptop. I think he just wanted a new toy.But magically his wish came true. We now have his and hers Macbooks and Jon is over the moon about it. That makes 4 Macs- two desktops and two laptops. Definitely not necessary, but I'll take a free computer any day. Jon is doing so amazing out here in MI. We're very, very excited to come home but are SO glad we took this job.

On a sadder note, being in Michigan (and an apartment that doesnt allow dogs) has meant that we had to keep the dogs in a boarding kennel. It was actually a really nice vet clinic that had a grooming salon and a daycare/boarding program. The staff was so friendly and the clinic was close enough that we were able to visit them a lot. They were very well taken care of and we even had them spayed and neutered. The downside of boarding our dogs for nearly two months? Their coats were NASTY!!! Their hair was so matted and long and dirty. We ended up just shaving them. So now we have two naked dogs. Still so cute and cuddly, but naked.
Pennie looks like a baby lamb and is soft like velvet. Franklin is shaved everywhere except his ears and still looks adorable as ever. The new "do" will work nicely for them since I'll be taking them back home to AZ in a couple of weeks. Oh, and sorry to all of you who we promised a puppy to. I never wanted to spay and neuter these two but with all things considered, we decided and knew it would be best to hack out their special parts. (Im still getting used to the idea)

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


A couple of weekends ago, Jon took a day off and took me to Chicago for the weekend. We stayed in a hotel about 20 minutes out of the city and rode the train in. I had no idea how much I was going to enjoy this city! The food was AMAZING (below is a picture of the tastiest pizzas ever! Deep dish of course!)

This is a picture Jon got of the part of the city. We were on Navy Pier and rode the tallest Ferris wheel I have ever seen. Oh my goodness it was high! I hate heights but Jon somehow got me to do it and guess what? I survived...barely.

We also walked through Millennium Park which was really cool because all through the park were art structures like this giant silver orb thingy. It was cool how all the buildings around it reflected in it. We couldn't resist taking a picture of our own reflections. We also visiting the Lincoln Park Zoo which was cool because it was huge with amazing exhibits and it was completely FREE! We got some tasty Chicago hot dogs, delicious cheesecake and just enjoyed walking around the city.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Oh yeah, Im definitely Pregnant!

Does anyone else see that enormous belly! Haha, how could you miss it? This is a picture Jon took of me in Millennium Park in Chicago. All through the park are huge art displays like this orb-type-thing. Oh, and I finally felt my little boy kicking! It was a day before my 21-week mark and it was not what I was expecting at all. I kept waiting for a kick around my belly button area but the kicking was actually just below where my bump pops out. And as far as the feeling, it wasnt so much a flutter or even like gas as everyone described it. I told Jon it was like popcorn popping inside me! I felt it a few times and knew it was him! Oh, and it hasnt stoppped. This kid is coming out a ninja with all his kicking going on. Jon is even able to feel him now! Its so cool to finally feel him. Cool, and weird, because its kinda like a little alien inside me trying to get out. That probably sounds weird but I cant help think that Im some sort of Sci-Fi experiment.

This is the coolest thing ever! My amazing sister-in-law Lindsey sent this to us this week. Jon, of course, loves it and hopes his boy will grow up and be a drummer just like his daddy. I cant wait to see it on him. Thank you so much Jeff and Linds! We miss you and your girls!

We're just about to the 22 week mark and I love it! Each day passes and we get closer and closer. We cant wait to meet him. Its crazy how much we love him already and havent even seen his face yet!