Saturday, May 15, 2010

My sister, the graduate

Wow. Seriously? My little sister just graduated from college? Um, what???????????
Yep, my little sister Shelly just finished up at Chandler Gilbert community college and will be transferring to BYU in the fall well ahead of most kids her age. Shelly, you have worked so hard and you have sacrificed so much. You have grown and matured into a beautiful woman. You brighten up any room you are in (except when youre grouchy, then stay back!). All joking aside though Shell, you are so much fun to be around. You are always the life of the party and you are probably the most caring person I know. Jon and I are so proud of what youve accomplished and who you've become. I love you to death and I am so thankful that I can honestly call you my best friend. I will miss your smile-its so contagious. I will miss you randomly falling down and laughing at your own jokes. BYU wont know what to do with you :) and I mean that in a good way. Love ya sis!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

5 Months!

Pax is 5 months now. Well, May 5th he was. But Im busy dang it so Im blogging about it now!
Here is what Pax is up to these days:
*He can sit all by himself now, although he's a little top heavy and doesnt hold it for too long yet.
*He's just started laughing but he's just so serious all the time that its definitely a chore to get him to do so.
*He had baby food for the first time! He actually tasted food for the first time too. Jon and I have tried really hard to not give him tastes of anything and we finally cracked! He sampled some sweet potatoes that I cooked up and LOVED it. Then the next day we gave him rice cereal. He ate it, but I dont think he was too impressed.

*He has a favorite song. Every time I sing "Old McDonald Had a Farm" he gets all smiley and excited.
*He's obsessed with mirrors now. He could look at himself in one for hours!
*He discovered that his feet are objects that can go in his mouth! I got a picture of him discovering it for the first time. The picture is him SCREAMING with excitement.
This kid is just so stinkin cute! He loves to cuddle and be held all tight. He still is just happy as can be and only is fussy when its time to eat and that can be quickly fixed :) I had a wonderful Mothers Day. Jon made me crepes in bed and did all the housework and cooking. He got me a few fun little things but honestly, the only thing I needed in the whole world to make me feel special are my two boys. I love them more than anything!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Winslow and Denver

On our way to Ohio, we stopped in Winslow and Denver to visit family. We figured it would be such a long drive that we might as well take a few extra days, drive less hours during the day, and hang out with peeps. So the first day we went thru Winslow and stayed with Jons sister and her family. We always have such a blast with them and its so much fun putting Pax with Lucy. One day they'll notice each other and actually play, for now, each is just another toy to the other. Lucy kept grabbing Paxton's arm and Pax kept trying to get Lucy in his mouth. He does that. His goal in life right now is to get everything in his mouth.

After Winslow, we drove into Denver, which was slightly out of our way, but we are SO glad we did. My brother and his wife and their adorable little girl live there. We mostly just hung out because Jon got ATTACKED by a horrible cold the day we got there. It was so nice just to be there. I miss Jayson and Kim so much. You guys have to come back to AZ when youre done with school!
Lotta was so cute with Paxton. She's been learning parts of the face lately and she kept poking Pax in the eye and saying "Eye". Pax wasnt the biggest fan, Im sure, but it was so cute.

We wanted to get some pictures of them together so we said "Lotta, wanna hold Paxton?" Lotta got SO excited and was smiling all big. He was her little baby. Again, Pax wasnt the biggest fan but it was so adorable. She kept wanting to hold him after that.

She also kept giving Pax hugs and kisses. I love little babies and kids. Theyre so sweet and fun.
We went to a park near J&K's apartment and it was freezing! I forget, living in sunny Arizona, that it gets cold places.

We had so much fun. Miss you guys, cant wait to see you on the way back!