Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Cereal Addicts Annonymous!

Jon and I LOVE cereal. The great thing about cereal (which also turns out to be a bad thing) is that it is always on sale! One time cereal was 5 for $5.00! Who can pass that up? So although we already had several boxes, we just couldn't pass up such a smokin deal! Guess whats for dinner...

23 Boxes/Bags of cereal total
4 unopened boxes
3 flavors w/more than one box
7 of these were past the expiration date and thrown away
3 did not pass the stale test and were also thrown away
10 delicious boxes remain
Breakfast at our place anyone?

Sunday, February 22, 2009

I Like Us

Today Jon and I spent a good portion of our afternoon on the couch. I was all cozied up next to him, reading my photography text book and he was looking up random stuff online (Google is our best friend). Our blinds were partially open allowing the overcast sky with its occasional bursts of light to creep through ever so slightly, creating the perfect ambiance for our just-the-two-of-us time. I looked up at him and realized to myself how long we had gone without saying a word. Its these moments that I get to ponder just how perfect the two of us are for eachother. I broke the silence just long enough to tell Jon that there wasnt a soul on Earth that I could possibly be more happy to be sitting next to right then. He looked at me with that cute smile that he often does and he doesnt even need to say a word. We both know. Its those moments, not the elaborate gestures and public displays(although much appreciated), that I am most greatful for. Because its in the private and intimate moments when the Lord manifests his perfect alignment. When we actually see his plan that brought us together.

So Ive written a couple of mushy posts and Ive gushed about my wonderful husband and our "newfound love" but I have to add the reason behind that. Yes, I do love shouting to world how wonderful Jon is and I do want the world to know how happy we are. But I also want anyone who might ever read this, to know that our marriage is so "picture perfect" because Jon and I have chosen to make it that way. Im not going to pretend that we're experts on marriage. We havent read all the books, we dont tape Dr Phil and yes, we do have our not-so-fun moments. But we both know that neither of us is perfect, that times will be hard and that we will only be as happy as we set ourselves up to be. If there was one piece of advice we could pass on it would be this: make a true sincere effort to like each other. Im not talking about love, hopefully thats not so much of an effort. When you try to like someone, you focus on the good in each other. You forgive the imperfections. All you see is the good because thats all youre looking for. Everything just kinda falls into place with that attitude. Dont believe me? Or think thats slightly simple minded (or whatever) than I challenge you to try it. Try and really, REALLY like your husband or wife and you will see for yourself the difference it will make in every single aspect of your marriage.

Lotta Rose

This is our beautiful newest little niece, Lotta Rose. Lotta is a Swedish name that my brother Jayson and his wife Kim fell in love with. She has bright red hair (runs in Kims family) and HUGE plump lips. She will be just like her mom, gorgeous in every way. Look at Kim, just popped a baby out and looking better than ever! (I hope she doesn't mind making a guest appearance on our blog!)
Here I am holding the two babies. How fun that they get to grow up side by side, just a week apart. Ive ALWAYS wanted twins so maybe this will curb that desire a little. These two precious little ones are amazing, truly fresh from Heaven! They're already getting to be so big!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

My Most Terrifying Moment

fact: Killer bees will pursue an enemy 1/4 mile or more
fact: A single hive contains approximately 40-45,000 bees
fact: A queen can lay 3,000 eggs in a day
fact: Killer bees DO thrive in Arizona

So today I was folding laundry in my room when I noticed Franklin watching a fly. A fly will keep that dog distracted for hours so I was glad for his little companion. As I neared my window where the two were playing, I heard an abnormally loud buzzing for a house-fly. Then I caught a glimpse of it and realized with sheer horror that it was a bee. I HATE BEES. I am so deathly afraid of them that I hyperventilate and run at the near sight of one. Seriously, one of my biggest fears. Anyway, luckily this bee had landed on the screen part of my partially open window. I quickly closed it and went on the outside and dowsed it with bleach spray. Jon shortly afterward got home for lunch and chuckled at my ghetto-rigged bee trap. We had lunch then both left, he back to work and I just down the street to pick up some cleaning supplies and milk. When I got home, I let the dogs out and opened the back door for them to go outside. Not even a minute later a bee flew just before my face! I ducked down and watched it near the back door. Thinking it might just fly back out, I left the door open. Then one, two, THREE more bees flew in. I FREAKED OUT!!! I shut the door and ran into my room. Apparently I called Jon's cell and left a message although I don't remember that part. He called back and I, in tears, told him what was going on. He told me to hang on and that he would call the front office. Somehow I got up the nerve to go back out. All three bees were now in our windows stuck behind the blinds. I sprayed them too with bleach, freaking out every time one of them got mad and began to swarm. I answered a knock at my door literally in tears holding a red chewed up flip flop and my bottle of bleach. Two of the maintenance guys came in who I know were both trying hard not to laugh. I must have been quite a sight! They checked for any hives around my windows and balcony and looked for any live bees still inside. They must have all died from toxic bleach poisoning because they couldn't find a single one. I was SO embarrassed. They left and told me to call them if I needed one of them to come and kill any more bees. Its all a blur to me now because I seriously was on the verge of blacking out. Even now, Im still a little sweaty and shaky from the terrifying experience.

I would quite literally die of fear if this were me. Just looking at it freaks me out. I dont even like honey because Im afraid a bee will be in it!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

First Protest!

So Im really not against someone standing up for what they believe. America is all about freedom of speech and a right to choose its own government. I am, however, against blatant outright ridicule. While I find it completely fine for a Democrat, Liberal or Republican to be outspoken about something, I completely disagree with one of them supporting things such as the movie W. or Will Ferrell's new Broadway production. Why? because it makes Americans look bad, not just the President. With that said...

=President Obama was in town this morning and my brother Michael, his wife Racheal, Mitch, Aedan and myself marched the streets of Tempe just outside Dobson High where Mr President spoke. It was so much fun to be a part of! We made posters with my Cricut machine and we even put a sign on little Aedans stroller. A news channel interviewed me and TONS of people were commenting on my posters and even asking for pictures. Kinda weird but I felt really good about the message I was trying to deliver. It was comforting to be in the midst of hundreds of people all united in one voice. I dont often take a public stance on politics but given the 787 billion $$ plan that was just signed, the 17 thousand troops that were deployed this past week and the move to socialize our government, I figured "what the heck!"

Monday, February 16, 2009

Our 2009 Adventure

So after MONTHS of back and forth, deliberating and thought, Jon and I have decided to pack up our junk and hit the road. Jon is doing a summer sales job in Michigan. At first, we were sure we wouldn't be taking the job. But with everything going on with both our jobs, we feel the Lord is giving us a little push. It looks like we'll be headed to the Grand Rapids area (although that might still change a little). The average weather high temp in the summer is 72 degrees with a low average of about 50 degrees! The humidity wont be so nice to us but with that beautiful weather means rain and GREEN! Here is a picture of the city of Grand Rapids and a picture of the lush landscape. We're planning for about a 3 day car ride through Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana and finally arrive in Michigan. We're so excited for our cross country road trip! I cant wait to get there and see new places along the way. So, if you know of any good places to eat via that route, by all means, let us know!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Thursday, February 12, 2009

When Life Gives You Sour Lemons....Throw Them Away and Get New Ones!

So this morning I found myself on my way to work for the last time (well, this particular work anyhow). After nearly a year at Chamberlain Orthodontics, it was finally time to part ways. Ive truly loved working for Thomas Chamberlain and Ive made some great friends working there. Chamberlain Orthodontics is a very unique and exceptional office. I will miss the blinged out shirts, the AMAZING hours and definitely my girls. So long ladies, hope all is well for you and that you know I will miss your beautiful faces. Its a sad change, yet still much needed. Jon and I are off to a very exciting summer. We're packing up our apartment, loading the 'kids' into the car and hitting the road!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

In The Dog House or Blessing in Disguise?

5 minutes after waking up Wednesday morning Im brushing my teeth and Jon looks over at me with a look that can only be described as 'bad news'. He has something in his hands and as he walks over to me, Im squinting to get a look since I dont have my glasses on yet. As he got close I noticed, what else? but my glasses in his hands. He handed them to me and my heart sank. My darling Pennie puppy had apparently spent a good portion of the night with her new favorite chew toy. I didnt have a thing to say. I put them on to see the full extent of the damage and almost threw them across the room. Yes, I can still see out of them enough to drive or read but thats not real comforting when every other person who sees me says 'I think you must have something all over your lenses!' I got ready in silence, kissed my husband goodbye and headed off to work. There are two people I call when Im so mad that all I can do is vent: Jon and my mom. Since Jon already knew the story, I picked up my phone and gave my momma a call. Best call I couldve made. Not only did she use the phrase "that sucks!' which totally made me smile(she NEVER EVER says 'sucks') but she light heartily said "well Lisa, now would be a good time to think about all the things youre thankful for". I hung up the phone and began to think. I sat down at my desk and wrote Jon an email that was titled "10 Things I am Thankful For". I sat for a moment, thought, and typed #1 Having You (Jon) in my life. The rest wasnt as easy. I set the email aside and in between patients and paperwork, I pulled up that email and added one more to my list. By the end, my mood was incredibly much lighter and the world, though seen through chewed up glasses, didnt look so crappy after all. It was a lesson learned from my good mother, who probably had no idea she would change my day so much. Thank goodness for Mothers! In light of Wednesday, I would like to add my '10 hings I Am Thankful For'
1. My Husband, my best friend and the reason Ive come to believe in soul mates (awwwww)
2. My puppies, even though they chewed on my glasses and peed on my clean sheets
3. Having family, my other best friends, so close.
4. Jon and I having the same work schedules and being able to have lunch together at home every day
5. The Gospel in my life. Where would I be without the faith I have and the things I know
6. Hair Dye because when life gives you boring blonde hair, dye that sucker to death!
7. A flexible work schedule that has allowed so many trips this past year
8. Google- I swear theyre in the business to take over the world!
9. An Apartment with good A/C because we've definitely been there when we didnt
10. Always having the money in the bank to pay the bills. 10% payback will do wonders folks!