Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Paxton's Update

Its been way too long since I posted about my growing baby. He is getting so big and changing every day and constantly making me do a double take at him because I just cant believe he said or did something so big!

This picture represents his goofy personality so well. We were at In-N-Out the other night and he decided he wanted to steal momma's milkshake. He kicked off one of his shoes and chilled out in his highchair while he sipped away. This kid is always taking it easy leaning back or resting a leg up, whether its in his car seat, highchair, shopping cart or in an armchair. Cracks me up!

Paxton is almost 22 months old. He sleeps all through the night (has for a long time now) and he takes 4-hour naps still which is AWESOME because I get quality "ME" time every day. 

He loves, love, LOVES reading books. I could literally get rid of all his toys and he could survive on books and story time alone. He has had so much fun in Grandma and Grandpa's pool this summer. Oh and did I mention he is talking non-stop! He has always been a bit of a blabber-mouth and its so much fun now because he's actually saying things I can understand now. He pretty much never closes his cute little mouth. Driving places is a riot because I have a constant stream of dialogue coming from the back seat. He loves singing songs and has a CD that he loves to sing along to in the car. 

He can say the ABC's pretty much by himself (he needs a prompt every now and then) and he can count to 10. For some reason though, the number 7 comes out sounding like "money". Not really sure why. Now he's working on actually knowing which letters and numbers are which and he's picking it up pretty well. 

His favorite word to use is "again!" and he says it ALL THE TIME. Anytime anyone does anything with him or for him or to him that he likes, he says "again?" with the cutest smile on his face that its impossible to say no (until the 8th time!). He also is asking everyone if they are "ok". If I cough or say ow or anything, he looks at me all worried and says "ok?" and I have to say "yes, Im ok" or he will say it over and over. He also will ask me and Jon if he is ok, even with the slightest bump or cough of his own. Its really kinda sweet.

He's goofy and silly as ever and so, so affectionate. He loves to "scuggle" (snuggle) and give kisses. If you hold still for long enough, he'll come over and lay his head on you and say "awwwww". 

He loves to lay in his crib once he wakes up in the morning or after his nap. I never hear him cry when he wakes, instead I hear him suddenly start talking on the monitor. He'll lay there, sometimes for an hour if I let him, singing songs, playing with his lion and seahorse or reciting the alphabet. Its such a joy to sit and listen to him playing all by himself in his bed.

Pax loves his daddy. When Jon is home from work, he has a constant shadow because Paxton will follow him everywhere. Whatever Dad is doing, Pax wants to do. 

He loves animals, bugs, car rides, going to Home Beepo (Home Depot), playing with Aedan, and so many other things. Paxton is a very happy little boy. He has so much joy in his heart and everything is a big exciting deal to him.  Jon and I are so thankful to have him and to be his parents. Love you Pax!

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